Honour for Tollwood Festival

Internorga Future Award

Industry award for certified organic catering, organic for children and true cost accounting

In 2023, Tollwood was honoured with the Internorga Future Award. The “concept that combines cultural enjoyment, joie de vivre and commitment to the environment” convinced the jury of the Future Award of INTERNORGA, the leading trade fair for the out-of-home market, in the “Catering & Hotel Industry” category. Nutritionist and jury member Rainer Roehl explained the reasons for the award: “Tollwood combines cultural diversity, joie de vivre and enjoyment with a commitment to the environment and sustainability in an outstanding and exemplary way.” He went on to praise: “Tollwood does not react to trends, it sets trends.” Rainer Roehl said on behalf of the jury: “Tollwood does not adorn itself with terms such as green or vegan or climate-friendly – Tollwood simply does it! At Tollwood, you don’t wait for environmental regulations and political guidelines – on the contrary. Tollwood shapes policy: cultural policy, food policy, catering policy.” This award recognises Tollwood’s exemplary commitment to organic gastronomy and as a pioneer in out-of-home catering for daycare centres and schools.

“Tollwood shows that joie de vivre, ecology and economy are compatible – in the cultural programme, in the ecological standards and in the commitment beyond the festival boundaries,” said Daniela Schmid, responsible for the “People & Environment” area at Tollwood. She accepted the award together with Norbert Keßler, Head of Catering at Tollwood.

Since 2003, the entire festival catering at the Tollwood Festivals has been certified organic in accordance with the guidelines of the EC Organic Regulation. Tea, coffee, rice, wine, bananas, cocoa, sugar or chocolate products that come from so-called developing countries must bear the fair trade seal in addition to the organic seal. Vegetarian dishes are available at every catering stand; Tollwood is constantly expanding its range of vegan delicacies. In addition, around 75 per cent of the meat on offer bears the particularly strict association seals, for example from Bioland or Naturland, Demeter, Biokreis, Bio Austria and others. A dish of organic quality at Tollwood costs no more than a conventional dish at any other major event in Munich. In addition, Tollwood has been involved in out-of-home catering for children and young people since 2006 with the Bio für Kinder project. Bio für Kinder is a partner and the new organic meal plan is part of a joint research and practice project between Tollwood GmbH and the University of Greifswald: “How much is the dish?”, measures to increase biodiversity through true cost accounting for food (HoMaBiLe for short)


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