Honour for Tollwood Festival

Awarding of  “TiBu” – Prize for changing values by German Animal Welfare Association

Award for tributes to strengthen social changes in value to more animal welfare:

With “TiBu”, the German Animal Welfare Association is awarding individuals and institutions that contribute to a social change in values while strengthening animal welfare. The first award winners are the cultural festival Tollwood Munich, Prof. Dr. Achim Spiller from the University Göttingen, Silvia Liebrich, editor at Süddeutschen Zeitung in Munich and Christian Rohde, assistant managing editor at ZDF Frontal21 from Berlin. The awarding took place in Neubiberg in relation to the 30th anniversary of the academy for animal welfare by the German Animal Welfare Associaton. From now on the prize will be awarded every year in different categories.

We are very happy about the award by the most renowned animal welfare organisation in Germany.

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