Mira Cardui

28.06.2024 - 12.07.2024
Free Entrance

Brasserie | French way of life

Mira Cardui

Music that moves you

Munich-based singer and guitarist Mira Cardui ‘s voice opens the heart and warms the soul. No wonder, given her role models Jaques Brel, Nina Simone, the still young ZAZ and Eva Cassidy. They all play and sing on the keyboard of emotions. Much like them, Mira also spans a wide range from pop and blues to chanson and jazz, but always remains authentic. And always emotionally palpable. Nevertheless, Mira Cardui is no romantic dreamer. Because someone whose voice comes from the heart knows its complexity and that there is also pain to sing about. Even that of the whole world.

On June 28 as a duo with Roman Seehon.

Mira Cardui Brasserie Konzert Tollwood Festival

All dates

  • Fri., 28.06.2024 17:00 hrs.
  • Fri., 12.07.2024 17:00 hrs.

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