Art on site

The whole festival as a gallery

An anniversary is a good time to look back and a picture is worth a thousand words. With these truths in mind, the artist Adam Stubley made an unique artwork for the 30th anniversary of Tollwood. He built a pyramid with all festival posters. A work of art that takes you on a journey through time.

But not only we want to look back, we also ask our visitors to share their moments at Tollwood. In times of social media, twitter and digitalization, we stay all analogue and have put up a guest book that measures more than a meter. On the weekends, speed-painters Lisa Schmidt and Van Bo Le-Mentzel will show their skill and visualize the highlights you wrote down.

In case you need food for thought, we´ve put up a self contained tableau, in which important events from 30 years are outlined. In this 8 meter long and 2.80 meter high work of art, 32 turntables tell stories of funny, small, massive and unforgettable events, for those who´ve been there and for those who haven’t.

The Japanese sculptor Mukai Katsumi and the Austrian artist Ludwig Frank have been working together for over 20 years. Frequently their work was shown at the Tollwood festival and so it will be at our jubilee. In ten human symbols with the title “family”, they will build wooden sculptures with their interpretation of this years motto “coexistence” during the festival.

“The answer is blowin´in the wind” sang Bob Dylan in 1963.

55 years later Beate Oehmann is designing art, that is blowin in the wind. Flags, through whose slots one can discover secrets, that just spread out for a brief moment in space. With a lot of color and a cheerful movement they will enlive your way to the festival.


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27th June – 22nd July 2018 | Olympiapark South