Art on Sight

© Bernd Wackerbauer

Marcus Bowcott und Helene Aspinall


„Trans Am Totem“ was a sculpture designed by Canadian artists Marcus Bowcott and Helene Aspinalli for the 2015 Vancouver Biennale. It still delights residents and passer-bys at the corner Quebec Street and Milross Avenue East of Vancouver’s city center. It is a plea for environmental protection and against the consumer society. Therefore, Tollwood asked the couple to design a similar sculpture for the Summer Festival: It carries the ambigious title “An Apparatus for Divining Capital“ and matches the local automobile market. The tree trunk is a willow, on which a Mercedes, a VW Golf Cabriolet, an Audi 80 and a BMW 7 find a new home. “The German’s favorite toy” fixed in a pyramid reaching to the sky… and about to collapse.



Ludwig Frank und Mukai Katsumi


The artists and sculptors are bond by a longstanding friendship to each other and the Tollwood Festival. They realized several projects together in Europe and Asia. Mukai Katsumi invites the Tollwood visitors to join one of his woodcarving workshops. Matching the Festival theme “Mobility” Ludwig Frank and Mukai Katsumi designed an Alien-Shuttle. It is not only a wonderful eyecatcher but will also shuttle the visitors over the festival. Were to find the Shuttle: at the entrance of the festival. If you are lucky it will stop at one of the Cosmic-Transport-Company-Stops on the festival site. Information on the scedules for workshops and shuttle please read the info-board at the Festival’s box office.

Fahrrad aus Styrodur

© Mark Niehüser_Rapid Protesttyping_UNI Kassel


Based loosly on Mark Niehüser’s Rapid Protesttyping, UNI Kassel

In 2012 students of architecture in Kassel showed how to succesfully advertise “more space for the bike”. They designed large hard foam pictograms of bicycles and pedestrians  and deployed them on the streets as a protest against the car loving politics in Kassel. At Tollwood the oversized pictograms re-emerge “Face to Face”. A thought-provoking campaign. To be seen on Munich’s busy streets and junctions. A cooperation with Green City e.V..



Adam Stubley


The British artist Adam Stubley designs a city silhouette five meters high and out of boxes, which are depicting the challenges of today’s urbanity and visions for mobility for tomorrow. The 7000.000 cars registered in Munich as well as intelligent solutions for mobility to replace them are part of the idea. An initiative in cooperation with Green City e.V. and supported by PlanTreff.



Anna Allkämper


Traffic Signs do not always support the traffic flow – to be experienced within the madness of the streets every day. The artist Anna Allkämper chose an ironic approach to the German love for traffic signs. She designed about two dozen signs for the Tollwood Festival which seem like standard traffic signs only at first glance. Their true purpose: to think about how to deal with the increasing traffic by choosing smart solutions and. of course,  to smirk about the signs a little.




© Bernd Wackerbauer

Adam Stubley


The car swing by Adam Stubley moves from the Weltsalon in Winter 2016 to the Andechser Berg. The car transfrom from a space hog to a lebensraum and room for dreams. Let your soul loose…