Why „We, all“?

The motto of Tollwood’s winter festival 2017

We live in a world of uncertainty. In a world where people lose their orientation because they no longer know what to rely on, what is true and what is wrong. Because they can no longer pay their rent. Because they are afraid of their new neighbors who have fled from their homeland because of hunger, persecution and war. And because power-driven men take their power games to the top – and beyond. But shrugging our shoulders and doing nothing is not the right answer. That’s the reason why this year’s festival motto is “We, all”. Let’s stand up and fight for a tolerant, peaceful and open society. Only together we can preserve and create a world that’s worth living.

We, all

You. Me. We, all! For a tolerant, peaceful and open society.

Weltsalon Zeltansicht Winterfestival 2007


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