Soleil Bantu

23.06.2022 | 19:30 hrs.
Andechser Zelt
Free Entrance


Soleil Bantu

Soleil Bantu is a musical portrait of Biboul’s multicultural history – from his childhood in Africa to his work as an international musician. Born in Cameroon, he grew up and lived in Syria, Copenhagen, Paris and Munich: Biboul has come to know and love many cultures, and in his music he combines them quite naturally into a coherent whole. Rhythms and melodies of the millennia-old, traditional music of the Bantu fuse with Western jazz and pop culture. Biboul sings in Ewondo, his Cameroonian mother tongue, English and French. The interplay allows for a huge variety of improvisations. This creates an incomparable pulse that makes every concert a journey of discovery.

Soleil.bantu Konzerte Tollwood Muenchen Andechser Zelt

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