New Year's Eve Gala

31.12.2017 | 17:30 hrs.
Grand Chapiteau

New Year’s Eve Gala

with Hannes Ringlstetter und Ecco DiLorenzo & His Innersoul

inc. 5-course-menu in organic quality

He feels most comfortabel on stage and despite being already more than 40 years old Hannes Ringlstetter still plays, laughs and tells stories like a rascal. While the audience is still trying to capture the bizarreness of the moment, Ringlstetter plays a few chords on his guitar and opens the stage for the absurdity of human existence and one’s own shortcomings.

Great entertainment meets the entertaining celebration of one’s own irrelevance. Qualtinger meets Fred Fesl, Lower Bavarian “Gstanzl” meets Rock ‘n’ Roll. Authentic, pure, honest, musical and spontaneous: No better way to close the old year to, strengthened by Tollwood’s 5-course-new year’s eve-menu in organic quality, dance into the new year to Ecco DiLorenzo and his Innersoul’s rhythms. The band of the multi-talented lead singer Ecco DiLorenzo guarantees a thrilling experience of funk and groove at its best.

The ticket is also valid for the entrance to the great New Year’s Eve Party.

Please note that bag checks will be carried out before the event and fireworks are not allowed. To speed up admission, we kindly ask that visitors do not bring large bags or rucksacks.


Price categories

KategorieTicketpreis regulärTicketpreis ermäßigt
Kategorie 1152 EURerm. 140,50 EUR
Kategorie 2142,80 EURerm. 131,30 EUR


in organic quality


With Parsely oil confited filet of salmon trout
served with a salsa of black beans, and nasturtium D


„Wild“ Cappuccino of forest morels and shallots G, L

Middle Course

Beetroot-lime-sorbet, finished off with bergamot

Main Course

Crépinette of highland beef
served with a redwine peppersauce, mushroom dumplings and parsnips with olive parsley pesto A, C, G

Vegetarian Main Course

Homemade Pasta Pockets
filled with hickory-aromatized aubergine and roasted pine nuts,
glaced with fresh butter, served with rocket und grilled trusses of tomatoes A, C, G

Dessert Variation

Iced cream cheese dumplings with white chocolate,
dark chocolate ginger flan, and fresh mango pieces and pomegranate seeds
A, C, G, H

Midnight Classic

Goulash soup with pastry A, C, G
Potatoe goulash with pastry A, C, G

Allergen information: A) cereals containing gluten and products thereof | C) Eggs and products thereof | D) Fish and products thereof | G) Milkand products thereof (incl. lactose) | H) Nuts and products thereof


Häufig gestellte Fragen

The New Years Eve Gala takes place at the Grand Chapiteau. At the Gala you will enjoy the Show and an organic 5-course-menu. The ticket for the New Years Eve Gala is also valid for the Tollwood New Years Eve Party.

The Tollwood New Years Eve Party takes place in the Bazar, the Food Plaza and the Hexenkessel. There are numerous food stalls at the Food Plaza and bars inside the tents and outside on the festival grounds. From 8pm to 2am we offer a diverse programme with live music. The “Market of Ideas” with handcrafts and food stalls has then already been dismantled.


No, there are no fireworks by Tollwood. Firecrackers may not be taken onto the festival grounds.

The “Market of Ideas” with market and food stalls has already been dismantled by New Years Eve. However, there are some food stalls at the Food Plaza as well as bars with Live-Music inside the tents. The Tollwood Market closes – like any other Christmas Market – on 23rd December, 10 pm.

Please note that bag checks will be carried out before the event and fireworks are not allowed. To speed up admission, we kindly ask that visitors do not bring large bags or rucksacks.

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