Review: Winter Festival 2021

Cancellation at short notice

Under the motto “Aufwind” (Upwind), the Tollwood Winter Festival should have started on 24 November 2021, the set-up had already taken place, but then everything turned out differently …

Due to the dramatic development of the Corona pandemic in Bavaria, the Bavarian State Government prohibited the holding of Christmas markets at the end of November 2021. It was therefore with a heavy heart that we had to cancel the Tollwood Winter 2021 at short notice, following the cancellation of the Summer and Winter Festivals 2020 due to the pandemic.

In the late summer of 2021, we had confidently started the planning phase with a lot of heart and soul, had worked out very good hygiene concepts and had done everything to offer our visitors and all participants optimal conditions. But the dramatic development of the pandemic and the catastrophic situation in the hospitals made these drastic measures necessary.

Of course, this was particularly regrettable for our loyal stall holders, who had placed their trust in us, had already set up their stalls full of anticipation and were looking forward to the Christmas season with confidence. And of course also for our great artists who had longed for the festival with us.

Art as a sign of hope on the Theresienwiese

After the cancellation and dismantling of the Tollwood Winter Festival, Tollwood remained present on the Theresienwiese until 2 January 2022: an art installation was to give the people of Munich hope and confidence in these difficult times.

The installation was also an appeal to politicians not to forget artists, market traders, restaurateurs and all those whose livelihoods are threatened by the Corona pandemic.

Because culture was and is existential.


Three highly symbolic works of art

Phönix | Adam StubleyAdam Stubley: Phönix

The 12-metre-high “Phoenix” sculpture, surrounded by fire bowls, stands for the legendary figure who rose from the ashes. Adam Stubley, a renowned artist from the north of England with his adopted home on the Ammersee, has created a phoenix for Tollwood. Bent from steel wire, he created a work of art in bright colours that does not need to burn to radiate hope and shine into the future. Stubley’s phoenix is also a symbol of resilience and the will to live.

Kunstinstallation | Zauberwald | Torsten MühlbachTorsten Mühlbach: Zauberwald (Enchanted Forest)

With a glittering Pegasus by Torsten Mühlbach and a huge, artistically designed Christmas tree, the Enchanted Forest is a symbol of faith in life.
Torsten Mühlbach was born in 1974 in Torgau, Saxony. He is a graduate of the Munich Art Academy and was a master student of Nikolaus Gerhart. Torsten Mühlbach is one of the most versatile artists currently working in Munich.

Kunstinstallation | Bacchus is dancing | Torsten Mühlbach

Torsten Mühlbach: Bacchus is Dancing

The vine dancing in the airy heights is a symbol for the Greek god of dance, and reflects glittering drops onto the Theresienwiese.