Information for people with disabilities

Tollwood intends to bring diverse people and cultures together. The festival shall be a place of tolerance and respect where everybody feels comfortable.

We know that we have to bear certain aspects in mind to let people with disabilities participate in the festival activities without major restrictions. Tollwood tries to make the festival area with its stalls, sanitary facilities, entrances, paths and venues fully accessible if possible. All tents, the Musik-Arena, Hacker-Pschorr Brettl, Andechser Zelt and the Marrakesch Zelt, also the toilets and many of the food-stalls are wheelchair accessible. For safety reasons there may be restrictions for some tents, like limitation on admission to certain tents out of security reasons and are determined in cooperation with the public authorities according to the technical data of each tent.

Please note: The area of the summer festival is partly covered with a large amount of gravel. We deeply regret the troubles you might have, however this is due to the composition of the ground.

The goal to construct and design as accessible as possible is an inherent part of our dialog with exhibitors and partners.

We have learned by experiences from the past that there are always new things to take into consideration. We kindly ask you to let us know if there are any current problems. Let us know how to help and do better. Please send an email for suggestions, information and questions to [email protected].

People with disabilities can receive reduced tickets on presentation of their disabled person’s pass.

If you need constant support, the carer gets a free ticket. These tickets are only available at Tollwood (Tel. +49-89/38 38 50 0, chargeable). There you also get further information.

Tickets for wheelchair users: The following booking offices sell tickets for wheelchair users:

  • at Tollwood, Tel. +49-89-38 38 50 0 (chargeable)
  • all booking offices of München Ticket
  • ticket office at the festival area (which opens about two weeks before festival launch)

Tickets for wheelchair users entitle the wheelchair user him-/herself and also the carer to attend the particular event. We beseech wheelchair users to buy special tickets for wheelchair users, because there is only a limited number of authorized wheelchair spaces.

The tent is accessible.

For each tent only a limited number of wheelchair spaces are approved, therefore, we kindle asked you to buy wheelchair tickets (valid for wheelchair user and a carer). Please buy your ticket via the Tollwood-Tickethotline (+49-89-38 38 50 0 / chargeable, Mon – Fri von 9 – 18 h).

At the Musik-Arena, there are spaces specifically reserved for wheelchair users. At concerts where seats are provided, spaces for wheelchair users are kept free in the front area. At concerts without seating there will be a pedestal for wheelchair users. For your safety and the safety of others, we kindly ask you to use the designated area, as i.e. escape routes have to be kept clear. Moreover, the view from these spaces is according to the needs of wheelchair users.

The entrance for wheelchair users is located at the fence on the left hand side of the entrance gate to the Musik-Arena.

If you cannot find the wheelchair spaces, please talk to our staff at the tent who is glad to show you to your seat.

On the festival grounds in the Olympiapark, north of the Musik-Arena, there are designates parking spaces for people with impairments. Only people with a special certificate (blue parking permit) are allowed to park there. To avoid misuse, this will only be accepted in conjunction with an official document confirming personal details (severely disabled person’s ID card, identity card, driving licence).

Access via Ackermannstraße at the corner of Spiridon-Louis-Ring.

The stewards at the gateway are instructed to let vehicles with a certificate of disability (blue parking permit) pass through, up to the gate at the entrance of the festival. Here the stewards will show you the exact parking spot.

We ask for your understanding that there is only a limited number of spaces available. If these parking spaces are occupied, the vehicle has to be parked at the parking area of the Olympia Park (Parkharfe Olympiastadion).

There are three large sanitary facilities on the festival grounds, each of which also has a container with handicapped-accessible WC facilities.

The sanitary facility in front of the Music Arena is a so-called “toilet for all”. It also has a personal lift and a folding couch.

The cleaning personnel are instructed to keep these toilets closed and only open them for authorized persons upon request. Please always contact the staff in the respective toilet facilities.

An additional toilet is available inside the fence of the Music Arena. This is also locked to deny access to other visitors. Please always contact the staff in the respective WC facilities.