Venue: Winter Festival

Fire Show Square

The power of flames tamed in the art of dance

Fire as a dramatic medium has always fascinated the theatre world.
For the most part, however, flame was considered something dangerous, an all-consuming, uncontrollable element. It was cultures such as the Maori of New Zealand and the Aborigines of Australia that first introduced us to fire as a purifying force and an element that enriches art. And so, in this country too, circus theatres have emerged that have learned to play with fire.

Every day, various fire artists present their fascinating play with fire to the audience at the Fire Show Square. All fire shows are free of charge.


Fire shows at a glance

TwWeb Slackliner C IngmarWein

Friedi Kühne “Walk the line“

30.11. + 1.12. + 3.12. + 7.12. - 10.12. + 14.12. - 17.12. | Fire Show Square | Free entrance!

Perchten Tollwood Performances C Alexander.Scharf02


09.12.2023 | 18:00 hrs. | Fire Show Square | Free Entrance

Faszination.feuershow Tollwood Performances C DerBlitzdings Volker.Schlott 02

Faszination Feuershow

Mon 27.11. - Wed 29.11. + Sun 10.12. - Tue 12.12. + Mon 18.12. + Sat 23.12. | Fire Show Square | Free entrance!

Henry Benavides Tollwood Performances C Henry.Benavides

Henry Benavides “Symbiosis“

Wed 13.12. - Fri 15.12. | Fire Show Square| Free entry!

Feuerwelten Tollwood Performances C Mysticalpics


Sat 16.12. - Sun 17.12. | Fire Show Square| Admission free!

Andrea Salustri Tollwood Performances C Ana.Halina.Ringleb

Andrea Salustri „As long as it burns“

Thu 30.11. - Sun 3.12. + Tue 19.12. - Fri 22.12.| Fire Show Square | Free entrance!

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