Roundnet: Train your skills!

12.07.2023 | 17:30 hrs.
children and youth area
Free Entrance

Youth Area

Roundnet: Train your skills!

Play Roundnet together and train your tactics: Here you can improve your game together with the Munich Roundnet Community. Team play and fair rules are part of the game!

Registration required!
Youth registration (12 – 17 years): [email protected]

Roundnet briefly explained:

Roundnet is a backstroke sport that is similar to beach volleyball in its basic idea: two teams compete against each other and each have three touches to bring the ball back to the net. In contrast to beach volleyball, the ball is not hit over a high net, but onto a round net on the ground.

Roundnet is designed to be particularly sustainable at Tollwood: with Wooden Roundnet , the Roundnet games made of wood, we replace the conventional plastic frame and offer a sustainable team experience.

Roundnet Tollwood Festival

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