Club 27 plus

30.06.2023 | 16:00 hrs.
Andechser Zelt
Free Entrance

Andechser Zelt

Club 27 plus

Club 27 plus stands for pure rock and pop without packaging rubbish. This includes everything that pleases and has enough power and precision. A classic rock band protects two wonderful voices here – in a not quite everyday line-up – each of which works ideally on its own, but also together: Patricia Gressley (vocals) and Rainer Blencke (vocals, second guitar and saxophone), Christian Pauli (guitar), Stefan Karpati (bass), Werner Voigt (Ludwig drums). Apart from the well-known party and power numbers, they also bring one or two gems from the wayside of the mainstream onto the stage. Promised!

Club27plus Konzert Andechser Zelt Tollwood Festival

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