Titus Waldenfels, Petra Lewi & Michael Reiserer

21.12.2022 | 16:30 hrs.
Free Entrance


Titus Waldenfels, Petra Lewi & Michael Reiserer

„These Boots Are Made For Walking“: Songs, Swing & Singende Sänge

A special combination: Titus Waldenfels, Petra Lewi and Michael Reiserer join forces as a trio. Titus Waldenfels is known for instrumentals with the power of a blues band, the openness of a jazz combo and the directness of a street band. Petra Lewi is funny, cheeky, melancholic – and expresses this in her musical three-minute dramas. She creatively interprets songs by Lady Gaga, Sportfreunde Stiller, Lana del Rey and many more. Michael Reiserer supports them on drums and accordion and imaginatively accompanies the musical set.


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