Titus Waldenfels & Stefan Straubinger

24.11.2021 | 16:30 hrs.
Free Entrance

Live music

Titus Waldenfels & Stefan Straubinger

This year, Titus Waldenfels and Stefan Straubinger will kick off the musical program in the Hexenkessel with the slogan “Faschingswalzer -Swing & Polka”. Waldenfels has already been part of the Tollwood lineup several times in his 25 years of show experience and will deliver a mix of jazz, blues and country again this year. Stefan Straubinger has been skillfully combining the old with the new for many years and provides traditionally Bavarian, avant-garde entertainment.
With guitar, violin, banjo and many more instruments they perform together groovy, Bavarian music that invites you to dance.

Titus Waldenfels Tollwood Konzert Hexenkessel

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