Review: Winter Festival 2017

Menu for the show “ID”

You could enjoy this menu in winter 2017 for Cirque Éloize’s show “ID”.

Beetroot Carpaccio

with buttermilk-horseradish-mousse and lamb’s lettuce, served with homemade apple bread crisps, refined with pumpkin seeds

Fennel-Orange Soup

with anise airfoam and parmesan croutons

The Best of the “Outdoor Rooster” Suprême

glazed with lemon juice, skewers of chicken legs marinated with rosemary and honey, served with cauliflower cousous

Mini Hokkaido Pumpkin

filled with Piemonte black rice and king oyster mushrooms served with truffeled mashed potatoes and celery, and caramelized green beans

(Vegetarian main course)

White Chocolate Parfait in a Dark Chocolate Coating

with a fruity mango ragout and chopped pistacchio crunch