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Fantasieblume - Adam StubleyAdam Stubley: Artwork

Let flowers speak! Human communication with flowers goes back a long way, the ancient Egyptians used them, in the Ottoman Empire it became a real science, and today we know the saying “flowers are the smile of the earth”. Tollwood artist Adam Stubley has built an eight meter high fantasy flower for the winter festival. It greets visitors in the entrance area with a bright red glow and is intended to put a smile on their faces.

Werte Menschen InstallationMelanie Siegel and Adam Stubley: Values People

What at first glance seems like a simple wall turns out to be a welcome greeting from Street Art artist Artemisia. Here, the Tollwood motto “Values People!” becomes fragile art as a symbol for the danger and transience of human values.

Eingangskunstwerk Adam Stubley Lasst Blumen sprechen! Die Kommunikation des Menschen mit Blumen reicht weit zurück, die alten Ägypter nutzten sie, im Osmanischen Reich wurde eine echte Wissenschaft daraus, und heute kennt man das Sprichwort „Blumen sind das Lächeln der Erde“. Tollwood-Künstler Adam Stubley hat für diesen Winter eine acht Meter hohe Fantasieblume gebaut. Rot leuchtend empfängt sie die Besucher im Eingangsbereich und soll ihnen ein Lächeln ins Gesicht zaubern.Urban Art

The “Museum of Urban and Contemporary Art”, MUCA for short, brings together artists from the urban and street art scene. For years, MUCA artists have helped to shape the Tollwood Festivals and show the various styles of Urban Art with their works on the festival’s fences. This year: Matthias “Mazal” Mross (mixed art media), Lapiz (stencils) and Patrick Hartl (calligraffiti).

Zaunggestaltung - Andrey von SchlippeAndrey von Schlippe: Design of the fence & Planetary System

The world as an eyeball. The artist and stage designer Andrey von Schlippe takes this motif as his starting point when designing the fence. The result is a multi-layered work that poses the question of whether humanity is able to turn the tiller around and save our planet. Thia year again, Andrey von Schlippe’s colourfully shining planets float above the festival centre …

LeuchtpagodenLudwig Frank: Light pagodas

The Austrian artist Ludwig Frank combines the culture of his homeland with that of the Far East. He enriches the festival grounds with his illuminated pagodas and gates.

Bacchus Is Dancing Torsten Muehlbach Kunst Tollwood Muenchen

Torsten Mühlbach: Bacchus is Dancing

The Roman god Bacchus, like his Greek brother Dionysus, was intoxicated. The Munich artist Torsten Mühlbach dedicates his luminous sculpture to this god.


Totem - TonToni Ortiz: Totem

The Spanish artist Toni Ortiz has made a name for himself worldwide with his huge street pictures in 3D. For Tollwood, he paints five two-meter-high wooden blocks in such a refined way that one can recognize different faces as one circles the works. These totemic images are created live in front of the audience during the first three days of the festival.

C-SkulpturMunich Cool City: C-Sculpture

Again and again a big blue “C” appears at different places in Munich. It simply means “cool” and is a symbol of the official climate protection campaign of the city of Munich.

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