Cie Dyptik „D-Construction"

18.07.2019 - 20.07.2019
Free Entrance

open-air theatre

Cie Dyptik


A high fence of metal lattice, a young woman approaches slowly, carefully, hesitantly. As if she was afraid that the fence might be charged with deadly electricity. A fence like this, which initially stands between the dancers of Companie Dyptik and the audience, is a strong allegory of the state of today’s world, in which fences are part of the political agenda. It is a strong, powerful, moving piece that the French dance group from St. Etienne created with the choreographers Souhail Marchiche and Mehdi Meghari under the title “D-Construction”. How do you break out of a society to which we all belong? “D-Construction” is danced resistance and energetic hip-hop choreography about identity and emancipation. The six dancers merge into a flow of movements and at the same time leave room for the individual. The metal frame on the stage is also a prison from which to break out. A stirring performance and a sparkling choreographed interplay between the individual and society. In the course of the piece the dancers conquer the space of the audience, become one with the audience. “Because we place the audience right in the heart of the performance, we invite them to become part of the whole, to experience this experience of commitment and revolt for themselves,” says choreographer Mehdi Meghari. Thus all parts of the pulsating hip-hop rhythm, the tension-charged monotony and the haunting melody are given to the dancers, giving them the explosive positions and yet the freedom to express their personality in the language of the body.


Cie Dyptik Tollwood Sommerfestival 2019

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  • Thu., 18.07.2019 18:30 hrs.
  • Fri., 19.07.2019 18:00 hrs.
  • Fri., 19.07.2019 22:00 hrs.
  • Sat., 20.07.2019 18:00 hrs.

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