Program for Children

The journey of the little phoenix

“The little phoenix has just hatched from its egg and finds itself all alone in a nest of embers and ashes. He shakes and puffs himself so that the ashes are just dusty, looks at his grey feathers and asks himself where he comes from? Was he born from the fire and the ashes? I wonder what will become of him?” This is how the journey of the little phoenix begins, which our young visitors can help to shape and experience.

In order to retell this ancient story of the life cycle to children, Tollwood has engaged the wonderful author Petra Kühnholz from Kunstaktionen für Kinder. In the children’s tent, three-dimensional pictures, figures and backgrounds to the story will be created together on large boards.

Under the hashtag #BastelnForFuture, we will show the older children how useful things can be made from old things like a phoenix: from oilcloth for school lunches to cotton bags with cool messages to homemade soap, everything is there for a sustainable future.

And all that with free admission.



The whole programme for children and adolsecent is for free.

The children programme is appropriate for children between 4 and 12 years, unless stated differently.

In summer we additionally offer a programme for adolescents (12-17 years).

A registration for special events (i.e. workshops) is mandatory. Please pay attention to our current program.

At regular activities the children can participate without registrating in advance.

No, we do not take over supervisory responsibilities. Please do not leave your children unattended.

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