Become a Water Climate Hero!

09.07.2023 | 15:00 hrs.
children and youth area
Free Entrance

Children’s area

Become a water-climate hero!

One litre of cola contains 2.6 litres of water, one kilogram of beef even 15,000 litres! Games, experiments and quizzes on water and climate.

There is water that you can’t see! But if you can’t see it, where is it – and where does it come from? It is in our meat, in our vegetables and fruit, in our clothes. The water comes from Spain, Turkey, for example, or from much further away, from India or Kazakhstan.
How can that be? The workshop participants take a closer look – with things that we use or eat every day. They will also explore what role water plays for people all over the world and, of course, for our climate. Become a water climate hero!

Bund Naturschutz in Bayern e.V., Munich District Group

Registration at: [email protected]

Viva Con Agua

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