Tom und Heiner

30.11.2019 | 13:00 hrs.
Free Entrance

children’s concert

Tom und Heiner

A duo, really good music and lots of fun for children and parents.

Children’s music that parents also like. Tom and Heiner offer songs with catchy lyrics that animate to sing along and join in, nobody can keep still anymore. Children and parents are fully involved, dancing and singing to their music. Here is something for everyone: rock, pop, rap, funk, soul. The lyrics are taken from the middle of the children’s lives or come from ideas that inspire. Tom and Heiner’s vision is to give children – in times of smartphones and co. – the joy of music and to bring the kids closer to music.

On the music journey gibt´s Ohrwürmer like ?you are good?, ?I would be so gladly an animal?, ?senses? and also songs over the vacation. They go to the zoo together or rock out on “Plitsch-Platsch”. The children are allowed on stage and become “rock stars”. The lyrics are so catchy that one or the other song is still trilled after the concerts. Get on your train and join them on the “music journey”.



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