10.12.2019 | 20:00 hrs.
Free Entrance

Live music

Go local: LOVEMEN

Disco Pop

With extroverted synthesizers LOVEMEN unleash the elemental force of their unbridled dance power. The three musicians on six instruments create a world full of joy and optimism. Their powerful sound shimmers and turns like a disco ball and the voice of the front singer puts a leased line directly to the heart. Since autumn 2017 the three Munich musicians Maximilian Höcherl, Manfred Mildenberger and Lukas Häfner have been working on their songs. In 2019 their debut EP “Move On” will be created. With 7 unique tracks they catapult the vibe of the 80s onto the dancefloor of today. Playful and absolutely danceable, they give the clichés of the disco era their own unmistakable spin and bring stuffy clubs and cheering festival crowds alike to the boil. The irresistible combination of drums, Moog bass, analog synthesizer, baritone guitar, vocoder and voice make their sound fat, compact and unbeatable – no mix-ups.


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