Ginger Red

04.12.2019 | 19:30 Uhr
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Live music

Ginger Red

Rock, Pop & Soul Covers

The Dachau band Ginger Red was founded in 2001 by local heroes Helge Sondermann and Menning Liebethal. Together with the bass player Stefan Maierhofer and the talented Dachau singer Petra Leu, Ginger Red interpret well-known and lesser known rock and soul covers with a dash of “Funkyjazzycountry”.
Mixed with your empathetic ballads, you can hardly be put in a drawer with your repertoire. This is also intentional, because Ginger Red want to set themselves apart from the commercial cover band scene with their idiosyncratically arranged songs and uncompromisingly simply live out and present your fun with the music on stage. The band is supported by the Munich keyboard legend Martin Bischof.


Ausserdem am 04.12.2019

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26.11. – 23.12.2019 | Children's Tent | Admission free!

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