10.12.2019 | 18:15 hrs.
Free Entrance

Live music

Go Local: BETA

Munich Rap

A rapidly growing number of vertical starters present us in a virtual arena in fast-paced bread-and-game manner with a ubiquitous fame-for-ever feeling. BETA, on the other hand, embody in her music the slightly hungover spectator who sits higher up on the ranks, sips a chantré and observes the scenery. But it’s not about giving the guys the feeling that all members are totally individual or you can’t put them in a drawer, because of course: The lyrics of the new EP Teletext are also about crew romance as well as self-overestimation and style-technically the 90s trash look is pulled through (also because it looks cool). But BETA manages the tightrope walk between punchlines and juggler rap, which gives her songs a multidimensionality.


BETA Tollwood Winterfestival 2019

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