Festival motto Tollwood Summer Festival

“Klar zur Wende” (“Ready about”)

The command to change course!

Goal: Bavaria will become climate-neutral and thus independent of coal,
gas and oil. Start of the energy turnaround. Time is pressing!

And suddenly everything was completely different. In the middle of planning the Tollwood Festival, news broke that a war is raging in Europe. Russia’s army had invaded the Ukraine. The news and images of destruction, suffering and refugees are horrific and leave us stunned. And in this context, the energy transition, especially the expansion of wind and solar energy, takes on a whole new relevance. Because the import of coal, gas and oil also means dependence on and financial support from Russia and other states that use other countries’ dependence on their resources for their own purposes. Climate activists argue that the drought is constantly growing, that this causes dramatic damage to the forest, glaciers are melting, deadly floods are hitting Germany and  America and Australia are facing more and more blazes. These arguments are correct. By 2040 at the latest, Bavaria must be climate neutral. But given the current war and the fact that renewable energies also make us independent of energy imports, the necessity of the energy turnaround now takes on an even sharper contour. The wake-up call could not be more dramatic: We have to get out of coal, gas and oil faster and reduce our energy consumption. This can only be achieved by saving energy and massively expanding energy from the sun, wind, water and geothermal energy. They are energies of freedom and peace, they are cost-effective, social, climate-friendly and inexhaustible.

The good news: it is possible! Bavaria has the best prerequisites: high solar radiation for solar energy, foehn and winter winds for wind power, and depending on the soil conditions, geothermal energy all year round. A recent study commissioned by Greenpeace and BUND Naturschutz proves this. Bavaria can become self-sufficient in renewable energies with a twelve-fold increase in wind energy output and a six-fold increase in photovoltaics, while creating future-proof jobs. This helps to overcome the biodiversity and climate crisis and enables people to live well in the future.

“We cannot change the wind, but we can set the sails differently.”



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