Art in the square

The creative trademark of the Tollwood Festival

A place of inspiration and encounter: an open-air museum.

In addition to concerts and performances, the Tollwood presents a wide variety of art installations and sculptures every festival. This year Andrey von Schlippe presents an impressive work at the entrance inspired by the motto “Water – pure life”. The festival also features an impressive environmental art installation by Veronika Angloher and the British artist Adam Stubley, as well as his magnificent word sculptures. In collaboration with MUCA Munich, there will again be urban art works by L.E.T. and the Austrian artist Ludwig Frank will be showing a Far Eastern water temple at the festival next to the wonderful entrance gate, in keeping with the motto.

Eingangskunstwerk | Tollwood Sommerfestival 2023

Entrance artwork

The gateway between worlds

A sofa, two armchairs, a couch table: that’s what most living rooms look like. Andrey von Schlippe’s entrance artwork invites us into a green living room under the open sky. Here grass grows on the furniture, there are no walls and no roof. It is a walk-in place where one can linger. The view from the sofa is not of a television, but of a large water gate. A door frame seven metres high forms the centre of the entrance artwork. Water pouring down from above replaces the door. The water is collected in a basin – a water cycle is created. A view from the living room through the doorway shows the other extreme: sand and dryness. Wooden eggs on a sandy surface symbolise how wood binds CO2. The water gate stands in the middle between dryness and plant growth. A tilted mirror on top of the gate reflects the sky and the passing clouds with sun and rain. Below, it reflects the earth and the ground. Two poles that people need. With water as the everlasting connection.

Andrey von Schlippe has been an artistic designer for the Tollwood Festival for many years and is Head of Visual Arts at Tollwood. He is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in the stage design class.

“Every place where people move can be seen as a stage, and the passers-by are the protagonists.” Andrey von Schlippe

Creative works of art


Out of balance: two extremes

“Out of balance” – what is the effect of drought and flooding on life? The art installation by Veronika Angloher and Adam Stubley shows water out of balance.


HoMaBiLe installation: The Price of Water

As part of the HoMaBiLe project, Tollwood invites you to dive in. An installation makes water a sensual experience and explains the true price of this valuable foodstuff.

Wortskulpturen | WIR ALLE | Adam Stubley

Adam Stubley: Word Sculptures

At the Tollwood Summer Festival, the British artist will present his popular word sculptures “We All” and “Courage” – works of art that inspire and capture emotion in just a few letters.

Urban Art L.E.T. Tolllwood FestivalMUCA: URBAN ART GALLERY

The Museum of Urban and Contemporary Art (MUCA), initiator of KUNSTLABOR 2, and its artists have been working with Tollwood for a long time. This summer, works by L.E.T. will be on show. |

Ludwig Frank: Entrance Gate & Water Temple

His works of art have accompanied Tollwood for many years: Ludwig Frank lovingly combines elements of Far Eastern art. The Austrian artist also draws inspiration from his travels to South Korea and Japan for the entrance gate to the festival grounds and the water temple the Austrian artist draws inspiration from his travels to South Korea and Japan.



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