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Nov 26th - Dec 31th 2014


Theresienwiese München


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    Winterfestival 2014

    November 25th till December 31st , 2014

    Themed »LEBE!WESEN«»LIVE!CREATURE« – also this year’s Winter Festival is fighting for a species – appropriate husbandry: with art, information and discussion.

    Performances and walk-acts, arts and handicrafts, organic-gastronomy and a brand new vegetarian and vegan food tent: the international »Market of Ideas« is a four week long attraction.

    At the Weltsalon-tent, the visitor will be taken to »Heaven on Earth« – shown as a construction site. Twelve different staged rooms invite to experience, join in or to reflect on. For 3 nights this will be the stage for moderated »dialogues«, for example with the journalist Hilal Sezgin about appropriate husbandry. It will also host the legendary anniversary exhibition »125 years National Geographic«.

    The Spiegelzelt is dedicated to the light musings: The new show »LIMBO« from the team of »Cantina«, the Australian Vaudeville-Production, which caused delirious applause at the Tollwood Winter Festival 2011. »LIMBO« is one of the most exciting vaudeville shows touring on earth. Artists, dancers, acrobats and musicians really know how to take the audience’s breath away! Along with it the audience will be served a delicious 4-course-menu in organic quality.

    Three totally different productions will be shown at the Theaterzelt. The one-man-show »LEO« is cheating gravity. With »Smashed« the Compagnie Gandini Juggling shows that juggling is more than just throwing things in the air. Kulunka Teatro’s mask theatre »André & Dorine« is a touching story about forgetting what life has been.

    And last but not least: The legendary New Year’s Eve events. Dance at the feet of the Bavaria!

    photo: Bernd Wackerbauer