Opening Hours:

June 24th - July 19th 2015


Olympiapark Süd Munich


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    Tollwood Summerfestival 2015

    June 24th till July 19th 2015, 2015

    The Summer Festival at the foot of the Olympic Hill is known for its theatre productions from all over the world, for its concerts with regional, national and international stars of the Rock and Jazz scene, for its more than one hundred free shows featuring performance groups and bands from the genres of Rock, Pop, Salsa, Reggae and the Blues. All of this can be found in Tollwood’s »Market of Ideas«, where one can find hundreds of small stands peddling handcrafted arts and culinary treats from all over the world. The fact that all culinary offerings available at the Tollwood Festival are certified organic shows how dedicated the festival is to the idea of organic foodstuffs.

    We invite you to visit us, celebrate with us, to simply be happy and forget about the borders separating people of different cultures. Come to Tollwood and discover one of the nicest parts of Munich!

    photo: Bernd Wackerbauer